A Moment of Joy - The Wolf Family

The Wolf Family from Saginaw, MI calls the RMHWM “a godsend” after their stay here with their two boys. Older son Logan has autism as well as severe feeding issues. Over the previous school year, 12 year old Logan lost 15% of his body weight. When the opportunity to attend Spectrum’s Intensive Feeding Program arose, they knew they had to make it happen- even though that would require the family to be 2 ½ hours away from their home for seven weeks. Their lodging options were limited; they estimated those costs to be at minimum $1500, not including meals.


Relief from some of their financial stress is one of the reasons they are so thankful they could stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan. Keeping their family together while away from home for Logan’s treatment is another. As is having the support of staff, volunteers and other guest families.


Dad James says, “Having a place so close to the feeding program made life so much easier for us. I don’t know how we would have managed it without the RMHWM.  So many things were of value. Having to go and spend the entire day at a medical facility with your child wears on you both emotionally and physically. When you returned to the House, there was always a meal waiting for you. You didn’t have to think about what was for dinner. My son had games to play there and things to keep him busy. Therapy dogs on Wednesday nights were truly a moment of joy for Logan. Having the pass to the YMCA helped break up the week for us.  For me and my wife, it was not only the idea that we had a safe place to come back to each day, but having the company of all the other parents in the house was nice. While many of us were there for different reasons, we all felt some of the same struggles. It was nice to have people to talk to. Lastly, I can’t thank all the volunteers for all they do. I remember one evening after dinner, I spent time chatting with three volunteers in the kitchen. It was nice to just talk about stuff and feel a sense of normalness at the end of your day.”


“They call it the Ronald McDonald House, but it was not just a house for us, it was like a second home!”