At the Core - Chemical Bank

For Lindsi Schultz, Human Resources Recruiter at Chemical Bank, yard work and outdoor maintenance was more than an assignment for the company’s Cares Day this year, it was her way to give back to an organization who helped keep her family close during their time of need.


“When my son was born in 2012 he was airlifted to Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. We expected to be at the hospital for a few days and ended up being there for almost four weeks,” says Schultz. “The Ronald McDonald House provided me and my family with a place to sleep, eat, and relax after very long, stressful days. Those were some of the hardest days of my life and the Ronald McDonald House allowed me to completely focus on my son and not have to worry about hotel and food bills that would be adding up over our lengthy stay.”


Schultz and several others recently volunteered their work day to help the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan, which is no surprise considering community involvement ranks as one of the core values of Chemical Bank. The company believes that when its employees volunteer, it shows they are not only invested in their individual work and home lives, but their surrounding neighborhoods as well.


As a part of this mission, Schultz was asked to arrange the volunteer event this year for the bank’s interns in the Grand Rapids area and immediately knew she wanted to give back to the House. “We chose RMHWM as our intern Cares Day project because of the amazing work that the Ronald McDonald House does for families in their time of need.”


This is, of course, something Schultz knows first hand. The RMHWM thanks Lindsi and her colleagues at Chemical Bank for helping keep our House in tip-top shape for our families.