Audrey Loth

“Audrey is our superstar,” Suzanne Loth said about her little girl.


In March of 2009, Audrey Loth and her parents, Raymond and Suzanne, stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan for the first time. Audrey, who is from Ripon, Wisconsin, was born with Chromosome 18 Deletion. She is missing part of her 18th chromosome, which delays her motor functions.


The family stays at the House so Audrey may attend therapy sessions at the Conductive Learning Center (CLC). The CLC helps Audrey work on challenges such as climbing stairs or rolling over.


The Loth family first heard about the Ronald McDonald House from the Wisconsin hospital where Audrey was born. The Conductive Learning Center also recommended that they stay at the House.


“We love it here because it is clean, quiet, and homey and you have everything that you need,” Suzanne Loth said. The family enjoys their stay at the House, having fun using the playroom and visiting many attractions around Grand Rapids through the help of donations to the RMH of Western Michigan.


Audrey and her parents are just one example of the wonderful families who call our House their "home away from home." For those families, the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan continues to be a place “to care…to touch…to heal.”