Being Close - The Beard Family

Lorna from Okemos stayed at the House one week to be close to her teenage daughter who was in treatment at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital.


When her teenage daughter told her she “wanted to hurt herself”, Lorna knew she needed to seek help immediately.  She took Summer to the local ER, who suggested she check into a mental health facility.  Unfortunately, there is no hospital with mental health treatment or mental health facility closer than an hour away from their home, so Lorna headed to Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital in Grand Rapids.


Lorna says, “If there were no rooms at RMHWM, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Grand Rapids.  A hotel wasn’t a real option, it would have been too expensive.  It was a real blessing to stay close, so I could see my daughter twice a day, for an hour each time, during visitation. The hospital staff commented on how much support I was able to provide because I visited as much as allowed.  It really calmed my nerves and gave me peace to not worry about getting around and taking care of myself so I could focus solely on supporting Summer.”


Summer has since graduated from high school and is doing well in college.