The Winfield Family

When the Winfield’s two year old daughter Chelsea was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1995, they had to drive 150 miles to the hospital once a week for treatments - all while taking care of a new baby and running a business back home. They stayed at the House frequently during the course of three years for Chelsea’s treatment.


“We probably spent as much time there as we did at our home. We would come down the night before and stay for her treatment. I live in the country, in a town with 250 people. For me, being able to let my kids roam in the House was a big thing. I felt they were safe. I never worried about them. It was like the community we live in…it was like being home.


It was our haven. We would go back there and rejuvenate. We could relax on the couch, watch TV, do laundry, or talk with other folks that were in the same boat. We gained a lot of strength sitting around the table and sharing with other people. No matter how many people say they know what you’re going through, it’s not the same as talking with people who are living what you’re living. They did their best to make sure that the whole family's needs were met.


When Chelsea had her last chemo, we had a big party at the House with a big cake. Ronald was even there! Now, she's a young woman and very active in Relay for Life. We're so thankful we had the House during that time. It’s such a peaceful place, and the staff was just so caring. They got into our world and knew our family.” ~ Sharon Winfield