Giving Back - The Townsend Family

Emery Townsend was born 6 weeks premature in Muskegon, Michigan.  Immediately after her birth, due to breathing issues from Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), an ambulance from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital was called to transport her to Grand Rapids.  The team sent worked for 6 hours to stabilize Emery so  she could make the trip. She would be attached to a breathing machine for the next 6 days.


First time parents, David and Rachelle, set out for the hospital not knowing what to expect.  A room was provided to them at the hospital the first night, after that they were on their own.  At this point in their lives, they  had no insurance and very little money, which added stress to an already scary situation.  Someone mentioned  the Ronald McDonald House to the couple and they called to see if a room was available.  “Upon our arrival  that night we met Megan, and from that point on she worked very hard for us and we were able to have a  room the remainder 14 days that our daughter was in the hospital.  Our little girl’s life was at stake and being able to stay close to her was an incredible blessing’. 


At the time of their stay, the Townsends were not able to make a donation, but make an effort to support the House every year since in hopes that future families can be close to their ill child.  They want those families to experience the same calm environment and benefit of having their needs met while they focus on their child. 


Emery is now a spunky 4 year old and amazing big sister to her 2 brothers, Bennett 2 years old and Callen 1 month old. She touched the hearts of the House staff when she recently made a personal donation of her own change.  Thank you to Emery and the Townsends for helping to keep families close.