Hamzah Al-Daeni

On May 5, 2011, eight-year-old Hamzah Al-Daeni and his father Imad flew from Iraq to Grand Rapids to seek medical treatment for injuries Hamzah suffered from an explosion during the Iraqi war. They stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan for the next several weeks while Hamzah received diagnostic treatment and was fitted for a prosthetic leg.


The organization, Healing Children of Conflict, sponsored Hamzah’s trip and partnered with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital to provide medical care.


Hamzah was playing in his yard in Bagdad, Iraq, on April 28, 2008, when a missile struck. He suffered server injuries from shrapnel which hit him above his right hip leaving his intestines exposed. Doctors in Baghdad and India tried to help, but he ended up losing his leg and part of his stomach days before his fifth birthday.


Hamzah returned to Iraq with his father in June, walking with the benefit of a new prosthetic leg. We were thrilled to partner with Healing Children of Conflict, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Wings of Mercy and other community organizations in providing support to this wonderful little boy.