It's Worse Than Worse - The Sutton Family

Imagine hearing these words from the medical staff while your child is in surgery.  As Jennifer Sutton stood on her deck July 15th, she never dreamed she would be living 185 miles from home for over 54 nights while one of her children received life-saving, critical care in Grand Rapids. Her sons, Logan and John, were out riding an ATV and Ranger side by side.  Jennifer heard sirens in the distance. Then the unthinkable happened – the phone rang – the sirens were for Logan and John. While ascending a hill, the brothers were hit by a truck traveling in the opposite direction.  John was transported to a local hospital in Charlevoix for minor injuries.  Logan was first airlifted to Traverse City, then ultimately airlifted to Grand Rapids due to the seriousness of his injuries.


When the doctors at Butterworth Hospital discovered that in addition to his compound fractures and bruised organs, Logan Sutton had a complete aorta dissection; they were not sure they could save his life.  During a complete heart and lung bypass, his body temperature was lowered to 18 degrees Celsius with possible side effects of paralysis or brain damage.  Miraculously, Logan survived the operation, spent 2 weeks in ICU, received rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed and began his long road to recovery.  With the support of the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan (RMHWM), his parents were able to stay at his bedside and participate in treatment decisions.


While Logan recovered, the RMHWM took care of Jennifer and John Sr.  They found that the simplest things meant the most – a ride to the hospital, home-cooked meals and a private room for much needed sleep. “The staff and volunteers were amazing, they helped in any way they could, and we cannot thank them enough.” 


As he recovers at home, Logan continues to make progress. His foot injured during the accident is still non-weight bearing.  He works hard at physical therapy; taking the healing process one day at a time