Keeping Families Together with Tabs

Why Collect Pop Tabs?


You can make a difference by collecting aluminum pop tabs to help The Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan provide a “home away from home” for families of children receiving medical or mental health treatment in our community. Download our Pop Tabs Collection Packet (PDF) for further information on how your pop tabs will help the House!


For an accessible version of the Pop Tabs Collection Packet, email Kim Rantala at


How Can I Collect Tabs?


 Just follow these 3 steps:

  • Spread the word! Tell family, friends, co-workers, and everyone else that you are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Gather all your pop tabs in one container - a box, trash can, or jar.
  • Bring your pop tabs to RMHWM and turn them in!

Download our Pop Tab Poster.  For an accessible version of the poster, email Kim Rantala


For more information, contact Kim Rantala, Development Coordinator, at or 616-776-1300.