The Gift of Togetherness - The Lidacis Family

As a first-time mom, it was terrifying to go into labor at 29 weeks. After Henrijs, Julians and Mariks were born, the RMHWM became our home away from home for three months. I remember feeling so thankful those first nights to be in a comfortable room, as I healed from my C-section delivery and as we adjusted to the intensity of NICU life. The time at the house allowed for “normalcy” in an otherwise stressful, but wonderful time in our lives. We always felt welcome, safe and taken care of.


After spending all day at the NICU or when my husband was coming back to the House from work in Muskegon, being able to sit down together for a home cooked meal was so wonderful. Having access to free laundry made life easier!


There were so many little things that made our experience a positive one: finding three teddy bears in our mailbox one day; having DVDs available to watch when we wanted to relax; having a ride to and from the hospital; the staff always asking about our boys and how we were doing; when volunteers made special signs for our boys and put them on our door (I cried!); the heaps of cookies; getting to know other families and seeing familiar faces at the hospital. 


Our stay was an absolute blessing, and it still amazes me that it was at no cost to us. If we could use single words to describe our stay, they would be: Relief, Comfort, Ease, Home.


Thank you for helping give my family the gift of togetherness when we needed it the most.  I hope you continue your support of the RMHWM so more families like mine can get the financial and emotional relief the House offers.