A Sense of Normalcy - The Rieder Family

Kristen and Aaron Rieder received news in April that their twins would need extra care after their birth due to low birth weight. Since their hometown of Petoskey did not have the services of a NICU, the family made a decision to travel to Grand Rapids for the delivery of their daughters, Annabelle and Abigail.

In preparation for the girls’ arrival, the family needed to find a place close to the hospital. Staying at a hotel would have been a financial struggle, especially for an extended period of time. Thankfully, the Rieders found a “home-away-from-home” at the RMHWM.

Mom Kristen said, “Staying at the RMHWM allowed us to focus on the girls and not worry about how we were going to make meals or wash laundry. The House allowed us to stay together. Because we also have a toddler, it was important that Samuel have space to play. We anticipated needing to stay in Grand Rapids for two months but we were lucky and able to leave after 5 weeks.”

“The RMHWM gave us a sense of normalcy during a stressful time away from our own home. We hope to not have to return to the children’s hospital, but if we do, we know a great place to stay!”